Junk Removal Service:


We offer another service through our moving company; that is junk and appliance removal for a fee. If you have something that you want thrown out, we can accommodate for a fee, we will take anything from a full truck load or just a refrigerator and dispose of it for you. We do not take hazardous materials, trash or garbage so let us know if there are things you want us to remove and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Matress Removal

Sometimes when people are moving they have things that they don't want to take with them, we can haul it away and bring it to the dump for a fee, the fee may vary depending on what is it that you want us to haul away so please speak with one of our Junk removal reps for a quote on what it will cost you.

Junk Removal

If you want we can come back afterwards to remove the load of items to be discarded or we can come back the next day.  Whatever you have that you don't want we can carry it off for you.

Call for a Junk removal quote today!

 Junk on a truck